There is probably no easier way of creating 3D model of a tree, than with 3D pen. This project started as an quick idea, but turned out to be more demanding, more advanced project than I have thought.

I have always loved this tree near my parent’s house. As kids, we used to climb it and play Bandits and Sherifs, hide in it’s shadow during hot summers and since I have moved to my own flat, I was missing this tree.
Well, when I came to visit my parent’s house, I got an idea on how to take the home atmosphere with me.

I took number of photos of my favourite tree from different angles, so when I come back to my flat, I can recreate this tree using my 3Dsimo pen. The best way to begin was to trace out the main stem of the tree directly on the photo, filling up the first layer, then applying more layers on both sides of the first trace out to make the tree 3D.

While I was doing that, I also shaped the tree trunk the way I saw in photos and I remembered from my memories.

Slowly but surely, I started adding smaller branches, even details like broken off branches and small hollow of the tree. When the main parts of the tree were finished, I have smoothened the surface with burning tool and added texture to the tree trunk by creating small grooves.

In the finish, the tree came out great and I plan on adding leaves in the future as well.
To get the color right, I have used spray can paint, which brought out the details and also made the tree look as I remember it.
Have a look at the results!