Thrall, son of Durotan is a well-known hero from Warcraft games, and
3D Pen Toy decided to create a handmade statue using 3Dsimo MultiPro.
In this article, we will look into how it was done.

The build began with the creation of the head by drawing the outline, adding thickness in the right areas and using the Soldering attachment to shape the facial characteristics.

Next, the details of the head were created, such as teeth, lower jaw, facial hair and the base of the hair.

Next step was the body and details of the chest plate, with smoothing the surface with the Burning attachment.

The body and upper arms were created and assembled with the chest plate and head.

More details were added, such as hands, to finish up the upper torso.

Next, the center plate:

And now for the legs.

Using a piece of cloth, the nice central piece was created. The legs were made the same way the upper torso was made, with the addition of small pebble-like parts added.

After connecting the legs with the rest, it is time to create the armor plates.

Armor plating was created by drawing small plates, adding details to the base plates and smoothing out the surface. Pretty straight forward task.
And here is the result:

The last step of this awesome build is the creation of signature hair of this mighty warrior. For that, 3D Pen Toy used a great technique of winding melted filament onto the drawing pad, pulling thin strings of filament with each revolution. After a few moments, thick braid of hair is created, which allows for very easy creation of the haircut:

check out the full build video here: