Great ideas and high-quality work deserves attention, which is exactly why we are excited to introduce you to Potent Printables and his latest work – The T-Rex USD flash disk case!

The work started with turning on the 3Dsimo MultiPro, introducing brown 3Dsimo filament to the pen and outlining the skull of T-Rex, so the basic string structure of the skull can be assembled.

The string structure is then strengthened by connecting the individual parts together.

When the basic structure is established and is rigid enough, it is time to start filling up areas that are meant to be filled in. Addition of filament will further the rigidity and the work gets easier with more progress. Burning and Soldering attachment will help you with smoothening the details and removing excess material.

To fill larger areas with filament, it is best to start with a less dense web of material and gradually add the more intense filling. By starting with just web and filing it in, the filament will be able to cool faster and support the next layer, offering better-looking surface at the end, with more rigidity and less sagging.

When your structure is all filled up it is time to add the details.

To accommodate the flash disk, the teeth have been created and the flash disk fitted. The teeth help cover up the original body of the flash disk and also add material to keep the flash disk in place.

The lower jaw was created the same way as the rest, by first outlining the basic shape of the jaw, and then filling the shape up and adjusting it to fit the rest of this project.

By adding teeth, smoothening every surface and attaching the lower jaw to the skull, the project is finished.
Watch the full build here: