Every young boy needs a slingshot. That’s the rule. And as a little boy, I have made myself one too, using stick I found in the woods, old bike tube and piece of cloth. But since then, technology has progressed and possibilities on how to create slingshot have grown.
Let me show you how to create your own slingshot using 3Dsimo pen.
And since I am using modern technologies, let’s make modern slingshot.

First I need to trace out center part of my slingshot with grey and green filament, fill out the center space and use this opportunity to give my slingshot camouflage. After applying few more layers to add stiffness, so the slingshot can withstand shooting marbles long distance.
I also drew parts of the grip for more comfortable shooting.

Next, It’s time for arms. Creating slingshot arms is only on your fantasy, I chose the shape you see on the photos and made sure they do not flex, so the slingshot can shoot well.
The arm brace was same as arms for the slingshot, just choose the shape, apply enough layers so they are strong enough and finalize with burning attachment to smooth out their surface.

Last step was attaching piece of black plastic I drew to some rubber and the rubber to arms of the slingshot.
At the end, the whole assembly works great, I’m able to hit targets across the room without a problem. Another great project done.