Quality Oxford shoes look great, especially with a nicely fitting suit, but can be a little dull.
3Dsimo can help you with spicing up your formal footwear by giving you tools for customizing them, like the way I will show you now.
Using burning attachment set up to 410°C, you can draw any design and change ordinary formal shoes to an awesome, unique pair of your favorite shoes.
Best way to start is to plan your design before you start burning into the leather.

I was following the lines of the shoe to create a design that will help the overall look.
First was the corner of the inner part of one shoe. I have started small and gradually grew the lines by the side. When I have reached the heal, I left some space to later connect the design of both sides when the other side is finished as well.

Replicating the same design on the other shoe, so the pair looks similar was easy and made my work quicker, since I didn’t have to create the design.
The outcome looks awesome.