3Dsimo’s most beloved employee, and our favorite doggie, Roxy, finally gets a house!

Any doghouse building starts with planning and cutting wood. A handsaw is a good option, but 3dsimo Multipro’s reciprocating saw makes the work much faster and easier.

And here are all the parts we will need.

It’s time to decorate the front of the doghouse! And what better tool to use than the Burning attachment for 3Dsimo Multipro. 

With the front wall finished, it’s time to assemble – but first, we need to pre-drill the holes for screws using the Drill attachment.

With all of the holes ready, it’s assembly time! Screwing in the woodscrews with the Electric screwdriver attachment is easy and quick, anyone can do it.

Now for the roof tiles. Since Roxy likes to stay inside, those will be only decorative. We have decided to cut them out from plastic foam available in any good home-supply store, using the Foam cutting attachment.

Many cuts later, the tiles are ready to be attached. We used 3Dsimo Multipro with the 3D drawing attachment since the liquified plastic sticks well to wood and plastic foam and will hold the roof tiles forever.

Now for the luxury equipment of the dog house. Using the Soldering attachment, we have soldered up an LED strip with simple control board to the bottom of the celling, so Roxy can read her favorite storybooks before falling sleep.

So, how do you like your new house, Roxy? It looks like we did a good job. Any and all the attachments for your 3Dsimo Multipro, our other products and much more is available at:

And here is a video of the full build, check it out: