Protection against the COVID-19 can take many forms, here is how you can make a custom respirator using 3Dsimo!

First off, start with the 3D drawing. You’ll need 3 3D drawn parts (see in pic.). The mouthpiece, the filter holder and the divider.

The mouthpiece is simple to draw, just make sure it fits the shape of your face correctly, so no air can get in between your face and the mouthpiece. All the air from your breath should flow through the filter.

The divider serves as a piece that separates your face from the filter, hence, it should have holes to allow you to breathe and should fit snug into the mouthpiece.

Shape and size of the filter holder is up to you, we decided to go for a round shape with nobs to aim for more of a cyberpunk look.

Important note: smooth the surface of all the 3D drawn parts, as it helps seal any imperfections and holes in the parts, making sure your breath is directed to the filter and doesn’t flow elsewhere.

Now for the filter. We have decided to go for a basic foam-face mask combination, which is aimed more to protect people around than the wearer. Cut the plastic foam into a rough shape of your filter holder, maybe a little bigger, so the face mask fabric holds in place better later on.

Then, mark the shape of your filter holder or divider onto a basic surgeon mask (face mask)..

..and cut out the shape using burning or soldering attachment. Burning the shape, instead of cutting with scissors wi help avoid fraying of the non-woven fabric.

Now for the assembly. First, insert the divider into your mouthpiece and make sure it fits snug. Then, insert the plastic foam and face mask fabric into the filter holder. Again, everything should fit snug, allowing your breath to go only one way, which is through the filter. And then, assemble the whole mask.

A great way to fasten the mask to your face is by the elastic straps available on the face mask we have cut up to make the filter. Simply cut them off of the surgical mask and using filament, attach them to your new mask!

You can also further your design by attaching LEDs to the mask, helping you to stay visible at night.

And here is a full video: