Last time, I’ve shown you how to prepare chassis for a repair of cracks, by creating a “V” shaped groove along the crack using 3Dsimo Mini with burning attachment and filling up the grooves with ABS filament.
Today, I’ll show you how to finish up the repair and give you a few tips on how to perform such repair yourself.
Here is where we have ended last time:

Now, back to burning attachment, heating it up and it’s time to clean off the excess filament.
Another great function of the burning attachment is the capability to heat up the material of the chassis and the filament, so it further connects together, for a stronger connection.
This is the result:

After some polishing with sandpaper, the results are much clearer to see:

The results are great, the chassis gained back it’s rigidity and functionality within 10-15 minutes of work.

Here are some tips and tricks on repairing plastic objects at your home:

-make sure the object you are planning on repairing is made out of plastic that melts with temperature
-choose correct filament, filament should be the same material (ABS, PLA,..) as the object you are trying to repair
-a clean surface is the key to success
-more surface means better connection