Some time ago I’ve found out that chassis on my RC car has cracks and I should replace it, which is not cheap. Those cracks were made by a number of crashes while playing with my car in the park and are normal, but unwanted part of RC hobby.

One way to ease this is the ability to repair such cracks, which is that is possible with 3Dsimo Mini2. One of the greatest advantages of 3Dsimo Mini2 is that it is compatible with any filament in the world as long as you follow the filament diameter of 1.75mm, so you can repair most of the plastic products in the world, as for example this chassis.

I’ve started by dismounting everything from the chassis as well as giving the chassis a proper bath. Next, I had to locate all the cracks that need repair and prepare them by creating a “V” groove on both sides of each crack using burning attachment set to 410°C.

Now, It’s time to connect the cracked parts together by welding them using 3Dsimo Mini’s 3D drawing capability. Since the chassis is made out of ABS plastic material, choosing the same filament and heat program was an easy choice. After the nozzle heated up to ABS temperature profile and filament was fed in, soldering the cracks was very easy.

In part II., I’ll show you finishing the repair of the chassis and mounting the parts back on.