Let me show you, how you can create your own puppet!
To start, I’ll need a frame with joints, so let’s start. I have begun with outlining the figure  I have drawn on paper and filled up the area inside the outline. Then I have attached pieces of flexible filament, which works as joints.

Now it’s time to turn the puppet form 2D into3D by adding several layers of filament on each side of the frame we have created before.
After shaping the puppet into a somewhat nice shape, I started adding black filament to create the football jersey. By choosing the slow feeding speed, I was able to create details on the jersey without any trouble.

After I was satisfied with the look of my little football player figurine, I decided to add a helmet, to keep his plastic head safe.

Next is the cross piece to control my puppet, which was work finished in a few moments. By connecting the cross piece with my puppet, my toy was finished.