Rick and Morty by 3D Lombs (Part 2) Welcome back to Part 2 of Rick & Morty diorama build by 3D Lombs. In Part 1, we have shown you in detail how you can easily create your own Rick very easily using 3Dsimo MultiPro. In Part 2, we will focus on the assembly of Morty and completing the diorama. Have the head, … Continue reading Rick and Morty by 3D Lombs (Part 2)

3Dsimo MultiPro Basics with Rincon Util Rincon Util started his Youtube channel about 5 years ago, and since then, his channel grew up to a modern, gadgets, life hack and tutorial oriented channel. In today's video, Ricon Util will show you the contents of 3Dsimo MultiPro package, how to use 3Dsimo MultiPro by creating 3 awesome, easy to do projects. … Continue reading 3Dsimo MultiPro Basics with Rincon Util

T-Rex USB flash disk case by Potent Printables

Great ideas and high-quality work deserves attention, which is exactly why we are excited to introduce you to Potent Printables and his latest work - The T-Rex USD flash disk case! The work started with turning on the 3Dsimo MultiPro, introducing brown 3Dsimo filament to the pen and outlining the skull of T-Rex, so the … Continue reading T-Rex USB flash disk case by Potent Printables


One of the main reasons why 3Dsimo MultiPro is the best multi-functional 3D pen in the world is its unlimited potential for helping you change your abstract idea into a real object. Today's example is such idea-to-reality project. One of our artists has decided to use a luminiscent and gold filament to add another layer to … Continue reading Mask

PROJECT.GANESHA by 3dpenprint – Part 2

As promised, here is Part 2 of PROJECT.GANESHA by 3dpenprint. The work continues with adding details to the base of Ganesha's statue, which takes this awesome project to another level. Variety of filaments used for decoration of the base is available in our e-shop. Addition of LED strip with remote control changes simple base into an … Continue reading PROJECT.GANESHA by 3dpenprint – Part 2

Venom by 3D Lombs

Our fans often send us their creations and it is always great to see the different ways how 3Dsimo products are used. And one of the greatest creations up to date is Venom by 3D Lombs!Have a look: What a wonderful figure he made.


Your creativity is the only limitation of what can you create with 3Dsimo MultiPro. And one of the best examples of creativity unleashed is a mask made by Elisa Salas in this video. Elisa used our flagship pen to create an awesome art piece by first creating a mold of the final shape from clay, … Continue reading Mask


Turning your favorite childhood comic character into reality can be hard to achieve, until now. Our friends 3D Pen Works have recreated Mafalda, famous Argentinian comic character using 3Dsimo MultiPro, a bunch of 3Dsimo filament and some creative thinking. Here is time lapse video of the build:

Chocolate box

Valentine's day is an important day for anyone in love. And what would be a better celebration than giving your Valentine something special, something, you made your self? One example would be a box of chocolates with custom design, as the one 3D Pen works made using 3Dsimo MultiPro in this video:

Become the architect of your first marble track or a massive rollercoaster!

When you were small and your parents took you to a toy shop, you've probably encountered toys like buliding kits for racing, railroads, etc.Maybe you remember when you first jumped on a roller coaster ride...Well, to build a reminder of these memories, with the help of our 3Dsimo, you can build your own version.At the … Continue reading Become the architect of your first marble track or a massive rollercoaster!