Welcome to our new series where we blog about conventions we took part in and about our experience of meeting you, our dear fans.

The second week of April was mainly in the name of meeting you, our fans, and showing 3Dsimo products to you.

First, we took part in 3Dexpo 2019 at PVA Expo Prague, 3D printing convention aimed at 3D printing enthusiasts.

Our booth was shared with other great products ConQuest entertainment supplies and we were given enough space for 8 people to freely try our products and get to know their capabilities, including a display of projects created with our 3D pens.

Anyone who stopped by was able to try 3D drawing with 3Dsimo Basic and 3Dsimo MultiPro, as well as burn into wooden cutting boards with 3Dsimo MultiPro’s Burning attachment. And about 3500 of you did! It were a great 3 days full of chatting and showing off what we make in our humble company.

On Saturday and Sunday we have set up our booth at the National Museum of Agriculture where families could experience ABC festival organized by ABC magazine. This convention provided experience with new technologies for young children and we could not miss it!

And once again, many, many children, parents and grandparents stopped by to try what they can create with 3D pen, for most of them this was their first experience.

We are looking forward to meet you all at next convention. If you see our booth at MakerFare or anywhere else, stop by, we always have time to have a little chat and you can try our products. Until then, have a good one.