Today I’ll show you, how to make a camera, without any electronics, using only 3D pen and it’s capabilities.
The principle of pinhole camera is light tight box, with one tiny, precise hole in the front so light goes in exactly the way we want it to, and old-school photosensitive film.
First, I have made the main body of my pinhole camera, drawing box where will be the film stored, with thick walls so no light can get in. I have switched up the colors during this process, so the camera looks a bit funky and fun. In the front, I have left big hole, where I have put separately drawn round disk with the most precise surface I was able to create in the center, so this cap covers the hole as well as possible.

Next, I have smoothened out the sides of my main box, so the film can glide smoothly inside and so I can hold the camera comfortably on the outside.

Also, I need access to the film, to develop it later. For that, I need doors, which will fit well enough that no unwanted light gets in, and I can switch the film easily.

After rough drawing of the back door, I have smoothened them and fitted them using burning attachment. Next is the winding mechanism for the film. This part required just a little bit of fantasy and not much thinkering.

Now it’s assembly time! After final assembly, I decorated the camera with great details to make it look better and it’s time to try it out!

Have a look at the results, pretty good, aren’t they?