Have you ever tried to take lens on a hot summer day, go out, find a piece of wood and start drawing into it using the power of the sun? Well, let me show you how can you get the same results, even when sitting at home, during a rainstorm at night.
All you need is to get a piece of wood, like a wooden box as I did, and use the burning attachment on 3Dsimo to burn pictures.

Best way to start is to sketch the picture first since mistakes are almost impossible to repair.
When I was sure my sketch looks the way I want it too, I’ve set up the temperature of my burning attachment to 350°C, since I’m using soft wood and any minor burn will be easily visible.

After burning the outlines, I have switched tips to knife tip, lowered the temperature to about 300°C and started to draw shading and texture. Small details of the eagle were drawn with a pointy tip to be able to burn in details of its body and wings.
I think this project turned out great.