Here is a tutorial on how you can make an awesome Ironman helmet using only one tool, to look better than anyone else with plain surgical mask!

First off, start with creating a mesh with 3Dsimo Mutipro with 3D drawing attachment. The easiest way is to draw individual parts of the helmet flat and connect them later.

With the rough shape of the helmet done, it’s time to fill in the gaps to give it more structure with 3Dsimo Filament.

When you are satisfied with the thickness and rigidity, use the 3Dsimo Multipro’s Burning tool to smoothen the surface, which will not only clean up the looks, but also increase the rigidity even further.

With all parts ready, it’s painting time. Make sure your choice of spraypaint is compatible with the type of plastic you chose to make your helmet, to avoid any unwanted reaction between the paint and the parts.

With parts painted, only details are left to be finished. First, the plastic covers for the eye slits.

Cut them to shape out of laminating pouch using the Burning attachment. You can also fasten those parts to the main face shield by melting those two parts together using this attachment.

But how will the face shield and the helmet hold together? The answer is fairly simple: MAGNETS!

First, use the Burning attachment to create a small cavity in the edge of the helmet, big enough to insert a small magnet.

Then, insert the magnet into the still-hot hole. Excess plastic will hug the magnet, holding it in place. Do the same in corresponding spots on the face shield..

..and voila! Your own Cosplay-grade Ironman helmet is finished!

All the attachments we have used are available here:

Have a look at the full build video: