Maker Faire is a “must” for all makers, 3D printing enthusiasts, geeks, and overall creative people, so 3Dsimo team couldn’t miss out. This year, Maker Faire New York was located in a wonderful complex of New York Hall of science

This ever-growing international meeting of creative talents, technology companies and makers of all kinds attracts more and more visitors every year, and after our attendance at Prague Maker Faire 2018, where awesome people from around the world stopped by and chatted with us and could buy anything from our wide device and accessory portfolio, New York was decided to be our next stop.

Planning and organizing of moving our booth and people took a few weeks, but it was well worth it. David, CEO of 3Dsimo, Jakub and Honza hopped on a plane and after 8 hours landed in JFK. The Big Apple welcomed us with nice weather as we have moved all our stuff into a hotel and went for an evening stroll through nearby streets.

Next day it was the time to register for Maker Faire exhibitor passes and to unload everything from our suitcases and bags into the booth.
After a few hours of preparations for the grand opening, 3Dsimo booth was ready for makers and fans of 3Dsimo to stop by.
Friday was the first day of Maker Faire and masses started to flow into the venue. All 3 days were almost identical with lots and lots of people stopping by, trying out 3Dsimo products, chatting with us and overall great atmosphere of nice people interested in 3D pen technology and creativity.

Maker Faire New York was an interesting experience and we hope we are welcome next year as well.