It all started with watching the movie Thor when we got an idea for another great creation.
I’ve always wanted to have Thor’s hammer in my possession, but every tutorial on the internet included way too many tools and hours of cutting, grinding, gluing and woodwork.

Well, why not make my own Mjölnir by drawing it with 3Dsimo Basic! I started with the hammer’s head by creating cardboard construction, on which I can mount the handle later. Next, I’ve drawn the hammer’s head itself with the grey filament. Before finishing it fully, I’ve attached two filament tubes together and fastened them to the construction inside the head and finished the head. Next was the handle.

Since it supposes to look like wood, the brown filament was a clear choice. Drawing the handle was done in minutes, and I’ve capped off the handle with decorative cap inspired by the movie. Leather strap, decorated with burned in ornaments was done by burning attachment on 3DsimoMini. Overall, this project took me about 6 hours to finish and the result is sturdy Mjölnir light enough children can play with it and scream “”Whosoever holds this hammer, if he is worthy, shall possess the power of Thor.” as much as they want.