Do you want to inspire your child’s creativity or you yourself would like to get back to your early and playful times?

We can help you with that because in the very near future we will launch our newest 3D pen – 3Dsimo Basic 2

It is an upgraded version of its predecessor – 3Dsimo Basic

Children from 8 years and up can safely use it.

The material melts at low temperatures and it‘s absolutely harmless.

Basic 2 can now 3D-draw for up to 4 hours without any cables.

Its ergonomic design makes it extra user-friendly.

The indicator light better shows the switched on device.

With the use of our drawing pad and e-book, you can create lots of different and colorful things.

Whether you’d like to make one ring to rule them all…

… or you currently want to make a strawberry decoration…

It is totally up to you and your imagination. 

Here is the 3Dsimo Basic 2 in action:

Do you like what you see?

Keep an open eye on our website and on 1st September you can pre-order it and start creating art.