Today’s project is a little more complicated since we will play with 3D drawing and electronics.
The lightsaber was always a bucket list item for me.

I’ve started this project by building the handle using 3Dsimo Basic, gradually adding more filament to create a grey tube. Then I’ve added white highlights and details while smoothing the surface with my fingers when the filament was still soft. Next step was connecting two filament rubes together and covering them with transparent blue PLA, to give it great look.

Then, I’ve pulled a strip of LED lights through, so the lightsaber can light up later. I’ve capped the tubes with more transparent PLA. Now it’s time to prepare the switch to turn the lightsaber on and off as well as the power input by drawing flat round part, with holes shaped correctly for the connectors. Both power input and switch were fastened in place by a filament. Then I’ve soldered together the power for the lights and the switch and put together all 3 parts. 

The lights are powered by 12V adapter I had from previous projects. The result looks great, as the LEDs shine through the tubing and filament, in the future I plan to transform my lightsaber to battery power.