A resistance wire cutter is an essential tool for model makers, architects and basically anyone who needs to shape foam or create using extruded plastic foam.
Unfortunately, most foam cutting devices are big, bulky one trick ponies and when you don’t use them, they just use up space on your workbench or in your house.
One of the main advantages of 3Dsimo MultiPro is its multifunctionality, so you need only one device instead of many, so you can just switch attachments instead of switching the whole workstations.

3Dsimo MultiPro offers setting the power of the resistance wire using buttons directly on the device, the resistance wire heats up very quickly and you can start creating.

What can you cut? 3Dsimo MultiPro is able to cut through all usual materials such as EPS, EPP, XPS, Depron and much more. Work with the hot wire cutter is easy thanks to its low weight and agility.

In the photos, you can see the capabilities of 3Dsimo MultiPro. The blue dinosaur was cut and assembled from 3mm thick PVC boards, which were cut following templates available on our website. 

The model of the airplane was created by a similar method, only cutting thicker polystyrene boards. Thanks to the small diameter of the resistance wire it was possible to cut small details and heating up took about 1 second.

More inspiration for projects created with resistance wire cutting attachment are available at: www.3dsimo.com in Templates section, as well as in 3Dsimo book.