Since basic protection against the COVID-19 is unavailable for the public in many areas around the world, we have decided to show you how you can create your own protection package using 3simo!

The facemask

To make your own facemask, start by sourcing a piece of cotton cloth. You can use an old t-shirt, a kitchen towel or any other patch of cloth you are able to find around the house.

Measure the cloth and cut it into shape using the 3Dsimo Multipro Soldering or Burning attachment. Cutting with a hot tool will avoid fraying of the edges and longer durability of your facemask and is incredibly fast.

The desired shape should look like this.

Continue by folding the cloth, each fold should be around 2.5cm (1 inch) wide, so the mask is comfortable to wear and curves nicely around your face.

To hold each fold in its place, add a little blob of filament under each fold and press until the filament cools down.

After the mask is all folded, it should look like this:

Finish the mask up by tying the side strips behind your ears, so the mask holds in place and is comfortable to wear.

Remember, this mask serves to protect people around you and should be boiled for a few minutes after use for more than 3 minutes, to disinfect.

The faceshield

3D draw two thick arches, one to be in contact with your forehead, one slightly bigger, to offset the shield itself from your face.

Smooth the surface using 3Dsimo Multipro’s Burning attachment, so the shield is comfortable to wear. Add a number of nobs to the front of the headband part of the shield, to attach a clear shield to later on.

To create the shield, first, laminate one empty laminating film you can find in an office supply shop.

Then, cut the film to size using 3Dsimo Multipro’s Soldering attachment. Using this tool will help with the rigidity of the shield.

Time for some holes! Mark up where the holes need to be by lining up the laminated film to the headband and marking the spots, then using the Soldering tool to make the holes nice and round.

Attach the film to the headband and make sure the shield is held in place properly.

You can upgrade your faceshield by 3D drawing part for the lower edge of the film. This small upgrade will help the shield stay in its place and not wobble.

Finish your shield with a piece of rubber band to hold the shield on your head.

And here is our finished shield..

And here is the whole set. You can watch the build video here: