Are you tired of situations where your beloved superhero movie ends, you are stuck back in reality and there is no physical memory of Robert Downey Jr. in that shiny armor?

Make him/her for yourself before your very eyes.

To reanimate your desired friend, here is what you‘ll need:

1. 3Dsimo Multipro or KIT 2, both will reliably do the job.

2. 3D attachment and a burning tool.

3. Set of filaments– you‘ll be using quite a couple of these.

4. Shape templates of the body from which you can derive your drawing and decorating, this is just an example.

5. A bit of patience and your unlimited creativity – Sky is the limit

You will start with creating skeleton-like parts of the body. Then, when you believe that part is solid you will continue with adding rough layers onto them, joining those parts together with melted filament and finally, you‘re gonna gently clean up the uneven segments of the body with burning tool so it has a nice smooth edge.

Here‘s the presentation of several created figures:

Did you make it according to your vision?

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