One of the best ways to make any puppy yours is to give him handmade, custom collar, let me show you how to.
First, get yourself a leather collar, which is thick enough to allow burning into it. Next, heat up your 3Dsimo Mini with burning attachment all the way up to 410°C, use a sharpie to mark out what exactly do you want to draw on the collar, and start burning out the decor.

I bought 3 collars, to create 3 different designs. The designs you can see in the photos were drawn by my friend during free time at her university.
As I have said before, first, sharpie time. Next, heating up the 3Dsimo with burning attachment to 410°C and slowly burning out the marked areas.
After about 10 minutes, first collar was finished, and it looked great!

The other two went quicker, since I got the hang of it easily. I think my pet will look great in it.
Don’t you think?