Rick and Morty by 3D Lombs (Part 2)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IyGbUy33xlo Welcome back to Part 2 of Rick & Morty diorama build by 3D Lombs. In Part 1, we have shown you in detail how you can easily create your own Rick very easily using 3Dsimo MultiPro. In Part 2, we will focus on the assembly of Morty and completing the diorama. Have the head, … Continue reading Rick and Morty by 3D Lombs (Part 2)


One of the main reasons why 3Dsimo MultiPro is the best multi-functional 3D pen in the world is its unlimited potential for helping you change your abstract idea into a real object. Today's example is such idea-to-reality project. One of our artists has decided to use a luminiscent and gold filament to add another layer to … Continue reading Mask

Custom leather accessories with 3Dsimo MultiPro

Personalization of fashion accessories is often overlooked part of outfits. And 3Dsimo MultiPro can help you to create some awesome design touches for your favorite accessories. First, customization of shoes. Burning attachment of 3Dsimo MultiPro can heat up to 480°C (896°F) which allows for very easy decoration of leather. Dark materials such as dark leather … Continue reading Custom leather accessories with 3Dsimo MultiPro