Custom leather accessories with 3Dsimo MultiPro

Personalization of fashion accessories is often overlooked part of outfits. And 3Dsimo MultiPro can help you to create some awesome design touches for your favorite accessories. First, customization of shoes. Burning attachment of 3Dsimo MultiPro can heat up to 480°C (896°F) which allows for very easy decoration of leather. Dark materials such as dark leather … Continue reading Custom leather accessories with 3Dsimo MultiPro

Decorative burning with Anthony from ADCArtAttack

3Dsimo MultiPro offers a wide variety of use with its 4 attachments and plethora of accessories. And in today's video, Anthony from ADCArtAttack will show you, how to do decorative burning. It's always a good idea to start your burning project with sketch of what you intend to create. Burning attachment is capable of upto 480°C (896°F), … Continue reading Decorative burning with Anthony from ADCArtAttack

Project Shiva by 3Dpenprint

Another day, another unbelievable project from 3Dpenprint! This time, our wonderful friend decided to create a statue of Shiva, protector of the universe by using 3Dsimo MultiPro and 3Dsimo filament. This project was started by drawing rough shape of the Shiva's head, finishing details afterwards. When the head was finished, 3Dpenprint has moved to creating … Continue reading Project Shiva by 3Dpenprint

Chair by 3Dpen AHRi

3Dpen AHRi is young Youtuber, Maker and 3D pen enthusiast from South Korea and in her latest video, she has decided to take a look at 3Dsimo MultiPro. Her first project is a small chair with 3Dsimo logo integrated in it. Here is full video with the build in Korean and in English:


Your creativity is the only limitation of what can you create with 3Dsimo MultiPro. And one of the best examples of creativity unleashed is a mask made by Elisa Salas in this video. Elisa used our flagship pen to create an awesome art piece by first creating a mold of the final shape from clay, … Continue reading Mask