T-Rex USB flash disk case by Potent Printables

Great ideas and high-quality work deserves attention, which is exactly why we are excited to introduce you to Potent Printables and his latest work - The T-Rex USD flash disk case! The work started with turning on the 3Dsimo MultiPro, introducing brown 3Dsimo filament to the pen and outlining the skull of T-Rex, so the … Continue reading T-Rex USB flash disk case by Potent Printables


One of the main reasons why 3Dsimo MultiPro is the best multi-functional 3D pen in the world is its unlimited potential for helping you change your abstract idea into a real object. Today's example is such idea-to-reality project. One of our artists has decided to use a luminiscent and gold filament to add another layer to … Continue reading Mask

Project Shiva by 3Dpenprint

Another day, another unbelievable project from 3Dpenprint! This time, our wonderful friend decided to create a statue of Shiva, protector of the universe by using 3Dsimo MultiPro and 3Dsimo filament. This project was started by drawing rough shape of the Shiva's head, finishing details afterwards. When the head was finished, 3Dpenprint has moved to creating … Continue reading Project Shiva by 3Dpenprint

PROJECT.GANESHA by 3dpenprint – Part 2

As promised, here is Part 2 of PROJECT.GANESHA by 3dpenprint. The work continues with adding details to the base of Ganesha's statue, which takes this awesome project to another level. Variety of filaments used for decoration of the base is available in our e-shop. Addition of LED strip with remote control changes simple base into an … Continue reading PROJECT.GANESHA by 3dpenprint – Part 2

Chair by 3Dpen AHRi

3Dpen AHRi is young Youtuber, Maker and 3D pen enthusiast from South Korea and in her latest video, she has decided to take a look at 3Dsimo MultiPro. Her first project is a small chair with 3Dsimo logo integrated in it. Here is full video with the build in Korean and in English: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L5-_DZ9BRPs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=65oOEiLB2_s