Where is bottle opener when you need one, right?
Well, creating one with your own hands was never easier. All you need is a bright idea for shape or motive, 3Dsimo pen and a few minutes of time and you can create a bottle opener you will not want to let go off of your hands.

Best way to start is to combine different materials, such as PLA in your favourite color, draw 2 identical pieces of the shape you are looking for, like a rabbit for example, draw one piece with more sturdy Metal filament(preferably 3-5 layers thick), put the 3 parts together with the metal one in the middle, glue them together with some more PLA and thus create your very special, your own, personal bottle opener.

Now you can open your soda or beer using something you created! And when you lose your bottle opener? No worries, now you know howto create another one!