Today, I’d like to show you a project made by LlegaExperimentos
using all the attachment you can find in 3Dsimo MultiPro box. 
Today’s project is a battery powered bluetooth speaker.

Every good project starts with planning out what exactly will you need. This time, carefully drawn templates help with creating the outer shell of the speaker, with holes for the bluetooth module, speakers etc.

Connecting the shell parts together with the same filament the shell was made off takes only a few moments. As you can see in the picture, it is recommended to add reinforcing filament to make the flat surfaces flex less.

Smoothening the corners helps with overall rigidity of the shell and is a nice touch. The smoothening is easilly done with burning attachment.

Next up, soldering modules of the speaker. One of many great functions of 3Dsimo MultiPro is easy set up of temperature of the soldering iron, using buttons on the pen, with real time percentage displayed on the MultiPro’s display.

The soldering iron heats up within a few seconds to set temperature, which allows for quick soldering without having to use different tool.

After soldering all the parts and modules together, it’s time to test if everything is functioning and fill up the shell.

Next, finishing up the details and the bluetooth speaker is almost ready.

Last thing to do is use foam cutting attachment and give the speaker legs to mitigate any resonation with the surface.
Here is full unboxing and build video: