When you were small and your parents took you to a toy shop, you’ve probably encountered toys like buliding kits for racing, railroads, etc.
Maybe you remember when you first jumped on a roller coaster ride…

Well, to build a reminder of these memories, with the help of our 3Dsimo, you can build your own version.

At the beginning, start with a piece of foam on which you will draw shapes of table-like legs, that will work as pillars for the construction. Foam cutting attachment works perfectly to cut these shapes out as you can see in the video.

And for each of them to be standing still, you’re gonna make a proper stand.
Use a drawing pad and with a 3D attachment, make a thick base. After that, you need to make a gap where the actual leg has to fit. Burning tool is well fit for that. 

Here’s one way what it could look like:

Now we’re getting to the fun part. Making the actual track.
On a drawing pad, draw U-shaped pieces and those connect to pieces of wire. 

To make it real stable, use the combination of a drill and screwdriver to screw the legs on the table.

In the end, freely connect those pieces together, play with it and really let your imagination run wild.

This is what we’ve come up with…

Let’s have a look on the original video: 

It wasn’t too bad, was it?

Everything we have used in this clip is available here: