In our newest video, we are pleased to show you how you can create 3D objects fairly easily with 3Dsimo MultiPro.
Today’s theme is Detective Pikachu inspired cosplay for our mascot, Roxy.

Starting with the Pokeball, the easiest way to start is by constructing a structure, on which you can then apply the outter shell of filament.

Do the same for the other half of the Pokeball and connect the two halves with a black filament. Now for the classic Ash Ketchum hat.

Start the cap the same way as you did start the Pokeball, but with some extra ribs inside the cap to make the cap skeleton stronger.
When the top layer is finished, use the Burning attachment to remove said ribs (or supports). Finish up the cap’s base with creating visor.

Now for the logo. First off, sketch out the logo shape, we chose the 1. gen version of Ashes cap, finishing the design with “coloring” the cap front with a white filament smoothen the surface with the Burning attachment. Now for the Pikachu accessories.

MultiPro’s Foam cutting attachment was used to cut plastic boards to the shape of ears and tail of Pikachu. Next,
color the shapes with the brown filament. The headband was created by following 3Dsimo Book‘s tutorial. As the last step, connect the ears to the headband and voila, Pikachu cosplay is finished.

Full video is available here: