In these strange times, when people go to the sea on vacation and boldly travel around the world, we thought that today we’re gonna make a proper pirate ship and a world globe so you can decide where do you want to go next.

Let’s start with the ship.

You’re gonna need:

3Dsimo Multipro
Filaments of different colours (1.75mm)
• Adventurous soul and passion
• A lot of patience

First, you’ll start with 3D-drawing differents parts of the boat and for that you can use this handy template.

And as for the color choice, be inspired from the picture above.

After you’ve managed to make all these segments, use your 3D pen with 3D attachment to connect the parts together.

Don’t hesitate and add more layers to it, so it has a robust and firm shape.

With the burning attachment, smooth out all the rough edges.

So, there you have your indestructible pirate ship.

We’re now moving on onto the creation of the globe and this one is going fun to do as well.

Your first step in this case is gonna be making a sphere. Don’t worry, you can apply our silicone drawing pad for making round shapes of the planet.

Speaking of round shapes, feel free to use a golf ball or a round piece of fruit or vegetable as the core.

Again, with 3D attachment, connect all of the pieces together so it looks kind of like the above picture.

After that, doodle the sphere with blue-colored filament to make it look like a sea-like structure and then continue to 3D-draw all the different continents.

The next step will be making of the stand on which the globe circles.

Once more, pull out the silicone drawing pad and from what you can see out of the very first picture of this post, make similar shapes.

With the help of 3D attachment, create two little spikes and merge them with both of the ends of the C-shape piece.

Pierce two holes in the planet so that you can attach the entire supporting part. Observe if there’s anything you’d like to adjust and make it truly according to your needs.

Voila! You no longer have to buy another globe because you did make one on your own.

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