Today, I’ll show you how to create beautiful 3D flower, which is an awesome gift for mother’s day, as a personal gift or just for decorative purpose.

To start, you will need 3Dsimo template, 3Dsimo Basic, 3Dsimo Basic filament, transparent tape and little bit of patience. First, print out the template and cover it with the tape.
This will help you remove the filament from the template and will prevent ripping the template to pieces.

Then, start filling up the shapes of the template with your 3Dsimo Basic, be patient, more time you dedicate to properly fill the shapes, better the result.

Start with the stem, follow with twigs with leaves, this will help you arrange the base of your flower and will show progress very early.

Next, draw the flower’s leaves with filament color you want the flower to be. The triangle piece should be drawn first, since it is the core of your flower. Roll the triangle up, bending and sticking following small leaves to the flower’s core and fixing it in place with more filament from the bottom.

Your flower will start shaping up pretty quickly, but take your time and bend each leaf before you attach it to the core.

Next, connect the flower to the stem with green filament, creating bottom green leafs, which will will create stronger connection between those two parts.

Next, draw the small leafs for the bottom of the flower. 

Take your time attaching the small leafs, since smooth connection will make the flower look more realistic.

Finishing touches, like adding thorns and small details will up the final look of your flower.
Here is full creation timelapse: