Let’s make something totally new! This time, I have decided to create a lamp. But not just any lamp, a lamp that glows in dark without any electricity!
How could I do that? Using luminescent filament from 3Dsimo shop, where I have a chosen blue luminescent filament. Since I’m creating something so mysterious looking, why not make a jellyfish?
More specifically, Jellyfish lampshade.

Even tho jellyfish doesn’t have any bones, I will need to start by creating a skeleton.
Best way to create the same shape 4 times is to draw the shape of the lamp on paper and trace it with your 3Dsimo and connect the skeleton together afterward.
The material of the skeleton is not that important since I will cover it with an outer layer of luminescent filament, but I will use it anyway. Next, it’s time to fill out the space between the ribs of our skeleton, which is a little bit time consuming, but easy to do using faster feeding speed.

And now comes the fun part: creating the final layer of the lampshade including the texture.
Best way for me is to go random directions, while evenly covering the surface with filament, to get awesome surface texture with lots and lots of tiny holes, which makes the jellyfish look even better.

The last step is to create the tentacles. Again, designing them first on paper, tracing out the outline with luminescent filament, filling out the center and adding few extra layers to make them more 3D. Next, I have connected the finished tentacles to the head of my jellyfish.
After a few minutes, the jellyfish looks awesome, all I have to do now is to place it on a stand somewhere where my jellyfish lampshade gets enough sunshine. Great result.